SurgeGlide Tips Liners 3-7

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SurgeGlide Tips Liners 3-7
5 Pcs

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The SurgeGlide Made of high-grade autoclavable plastic.
Made to run 3 to 7 liner needles, the funnel of the tip has a revolutionary spiral rifle groove that breaks the surface tension of the pigment
And allows it to flow consistently down the tip. Works great with black but really shows its stuff doing color line work. No more clogs.
No more white ink turning grey.

Needle is guided perfectly along tip shelf
Fits into most 3 piece grip and tube setup
Allows visualization of true color on a natural surface, minimizing dulling of white or light colors
Made of FDA approved surgical plastic
Fully autoclavable and reusable
Revolutionary Spiral Rifle Groove allowing consistent ink flow

Tip Type
: Liner Tip
: Autoclavable plastic
: Ø 8mm
: 5 Pcs